I am a 39 year old female who has been concerned with breast health. My predisposition to hormonal imbalances due to stress, poor diet, and environmental toxins, the hereditary medical history of my family, and my general interest in health and wellness all helped me to understand how important it is for one to take responsibility for their own health.

I sought the help of Cindy Stillwell from Core Health Thermography and Wellness for thermographic imaging and was happy to have found a breast screening option available in thermography.


My readings from thermography reported back that there were abnormal vascular patterns in my left breast (T4 diagnosis). Being armed with that information was very empowering. I now knew where the area of concern was, and went to work determined to address the stressors in my life, and work on stabilizing my estrogen dominant hormone levels.


After a couple thermograms with little to no change to the left breast, I wasn't sure what to work on next to target this concern. That's when Cindy suggested I try Electro-Lymphatic Therapy.


Electro-Lymphatic Therapy has been an extremely positive experience! It has actually turned out to be the missing link leading me over the bridge towards my health goals. Moving the stuck lymph in such a deliberate and direct way has given my body the chance to release the toxins I knew were lodged in there that I couldn't get to with skin brushing and rebounding alone. Electro-Lymphatic Therapy has helped me dislodge the constant bloated and heaviness feelings I couldn't shake, it has calmed and eased my anxiety and brain issues related to ADHD and aiding my detoxing process. I feel better! Much much better! Dislodging and moving stuck lymph is key to better overall health for me. Read and research more into why moving lymph is essential for overall health and wellness.


Really and truly, Electro-Lymphatic Therapy is a godsend, and I am forever grateful to Cindy for bringing this service to our area and helping us all feel better!

Meredith B,