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I am a 39 year old female who has been concerned with breast health. My predisposition to hormonal imbalances due to stress, poor diet, and environmental toxins, the hereditary medical history of my family, and my general interest in health and wellness all helped me to understand how important it is for one to take responsibility for their own health. Continue Reading

I like the peace of mind I get from having breast thermography. The quick, non-invasive imaging gives me a heads up as to changes in my breasts. Two years ago, my thermogram showed some deterioration in one of my breasts. A subsequent mammogram confirmed some cystic material present. I then implemented some changes in my Continue Reading

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I have always been pleased to use Core Health for my thermograms. Cindy Stillwell is professional, knowledgeable, and also a very caring person. Five stars from me!

For the last five years, I have trusted the nutritional advice from Core Health and, honestly, if it wasn’t for Cindy’s help, my health would be in a lot worse shape...much worse than I want to think about. Specifically, the enzymes have made a tremendous difference in my digestion, energy and reducing the aches in Continue Reading

"Cindy Stillwell is the ultimate professional and monumentally knowledgeable about Thermography and wellness. Having had a full body thermogram from her, I feel confident in recommending her to anyone who would like to have a safer alternative to x-ray exposure! My thermogram revealed information I was not aware of through traditional x-ray. Cindy’s professional demeanor Continue Reading

Recently, I dislocated my shoulder and was in a tremendous amount of pain. Later that day I ended up falling and fracturing the top of my foot - also causing me a lot of pain. With an active 4 year old and running not one, but two, of my own businesses, "staying off my feet" Continue Reading