Are You Seeking More Energy?

There are many ways to remove toxins from your body, but it is important to understand why…and how.

Why detoxify?  Removing unwanted toxins from your body can create an environment that produces more energy.   We should think of energy as more than just what it takes to run a race, but rather the resource the body needs to complete daily tasks.  We need energy resources to think clearly, maintain homeostasis, rebuild and repair, metabolize, digest, create new cells, etc.  We need energy in every cell ~ every day.  Sadly, we don’t always have the energy resources our body requires and fighting toxins reduces energy significantly.

What is Detoxification and How Can It Help You?

The body has are seven natural pathways of elimination:

  •      Kidneys
  •      Liver
  •      Lungs
  •      Lymphatic System
  •      Blood
  •      Skin
  •      Colon

Detoxification is a lifestyle choice, not a one-time act.  Historically, we have never seen such an overwhelming volume of toxic materials in our air, water and food supplies. On-going detoxification is essential to restoring and maintaining energy resources.

How to Know if I Need Detoxification?

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Each of us manage stress uniquely and this is no different when our body is trying to eliminate toxins.  Where our bodies become challenged is determined by many different factors.  Some may experience general fatigue and vague symptoms, while others may have very specific reactions.

Even those who eat well are impacted by environmental toxins that should be eliminated.  Learning ways to avoid toxins can help to minimize the impact on our bodily systems, but there is simply no way to be free of toxins completely.  Some of the top environmental toxins include:

  • pesticides
  • fragrances (Phthalates)
  • heavy metals
  • dioxins, chlorine, arsenic
  • fluoride
  • flame retardants
  • bisphenol A (BPA)

Unfortunately, we don’t have to look very hard to find these toxins lurking in our everyday products and activities.  So, the question isn’t IF we need to detoxify our bodies, but rather how much we need to do to make it manageable.

Mild Indications of Possible Toxicity:

Headaches Obesity Constipation Poor Circulation Acne
Bad Breath Digestive Disorders Forgetfulness Allergies Cellulite

Severe Indications of Possible Toxicity:

High Blood Pressure Joint Stiffness Diabetes Heart Problems Kidney Failure

Benefits of Reducing Toxins in the Body:

Increase Energy Levels Normal Elimination Improve Metabolism Allergy Reduction Increase Blood Circulation
Minimize Inflammation Reduce Water Retention Improve Memory Improve Immune Response Improve Sexual Health
Better Nutrient Absorption Improve Sleep Purge Heavy Metals Possible Pain Relief Reduction of Stress


We offer the following options:

Electro-Lymphatic Therapy (ELT)

ELT is a gentle, light touch non-invasive technique to stimulate the proper flow and drainage of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic flow can stagnate for many reasons, such as toxins, swelling, chronic inflammation, lack of physical activity, stress, fatigue, emotional shock, age, and poorly fitted under garments. When lymphatic circulation slows down, the regeneration of cells becomes less effective. This condition allows toxins and proteins to accumulate around the cells, causing cellular oxygenation to decrease and tissue regeneration to diminish.

Since the lymph system is responsible for removing waste, as well as delivering nutrients throughout our body, it is essential for healthy cells.

What to Expect!

ELT is a full-body therapy - literally head to toe on both sides.  The XP2 system utilizes two channel heads that are used to stimulate the flow of lymph to the appropriate channels.  Beginning face up on the massage table, the hour is often compared to having a massage.  It is relaxing and energizing.

It is important to remember to drink the recommended amount of water as you will assist the elimination process.

Those who should avoid ELT Therapy:

Anyone with a pacemaker

Organ transplants recipients

Pregnant or nursing women

IonCleanse® Foot Bath

Not all footbaths are created equal.  The IonCleanse® Premier is a professional grade system that purifies and cleanses the body through the healing power of ions.  The footbaths produce an abundance of the same kind of beneficial ions that you breathe on the beach or near a waterfall.

In combination with other forms of detoxification processes such as ELT, dry brushing, deep breathing, reducing stress and consuming nutrient rich food and enzymes, these are an effective way to reduce toxins and increase energy resources.

What to Expect!

Healthy individuals typically describe feeling “lighter” and more energized.  Most experience a greater feeling of well being as they continue regular sessions.

  •      Your feet are placed in a lined tub of warm/hot water (depending on your tolerance) along with the IonCleanse® array
  •      You may read, talk, or meditate during your session
  •      Meditation has shown to increase the effectiveness
  •      Sessions can last up to 45 minutes, depending on your specific requirements
  •      Once completed, your feet are rinsed and dried

Excerpts from:

Ionization Therapy:

Modern Technology Applied to an Ancient Problem

““Think of everything as water. The air we breathe is water, we are seventy-percent water, the food we eat and of course the water we drink and shower in. The toxins in your body are the same as the toxins in mine, only the proportion and locations are different. My body may have a better functioning lymph system than yours, but your kidneys may function better than mine. You will probably accumulate more lymphatic material, while I will accumulate material that is attracted to the kidney area of the body. The ionized water color in Boise, Idaho is light green because of the kinds of chemicals used in that area. I noticed that many of the people I treated there complained of physical problems relating to the lower abdominal area.

“The stronger you are, the more you release, and the more treatments you do, the more you release.””-

Those who should avoid using IonCleanse® include:

Anyone with a pacemaker

Anyone taking blood thinners

Anyone taking seizure medications

Anyone taking heart regulating medications

Anyone taking psychotropic or anxiety medications

Organ transplants recipients

Pregnant or nursing women