Think You’re Immune to Breast Cancer because You Are In Your 20’s? You’re Not – and Here’s What You Can Do to About It

Why should I get a thermogram at my age?

The truth about Americans is that we tend to be more reactive than proactive when it comes to our health. We don’t pay attention to our diet until we’ve survived a heart attack or have been diagnosed with a medical condition like hypertension or diabetes.

But, what if we were proactive? How much more empowered would we feel when it comes to our health? That’s where thermography comes in. Thermography, also known as Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI), has been approved for medical use by the FDA since 1982.

One of the most recognized uses of medical thermography is for breast health. With the alarming number of incidents of breast cancer every year, there is no wonder that women are concerned. At one point, it was thought that breast cancer was related to genetics. Now, other factors have contributed to new cases of the disease among many women without a family history. Thermal imaging provides information on the physiological health of the breast and is available for all women over the age of 20. I know what you’re thinking…why do I need to be concerned about breast health at 20 years old? I don’t even need to get a mammogram until age 50. Here’s why: approximately 23% of all breast cancers occur in women under the age of 49, and unfortunately, many of these cases are more aggressive with lower survival rates. So, again, let’s get proactive about our health.

Thermography is a valuable tool for all women with no radiation and no compression. The procedure is completely painless, safe and approved as an adjunctive imaging procedure. For younger women under the age of 50, this may be the only test that may provide them with information that they may be at risk.

Recently, a client started getting annual thermograms at age 37 due to some concerns regarding her breast health. She shared that she had a predisposition to hormonal imbalances due to stress, poor diet, environmental toxins and her family’s medical history. Unfortunately, she had a consistent thermobiological score in the “abnormal” range in one breast.

She expressed to me that being armed with information was very empowering. She now understood where the area of concern was, and went to work to address the stressors in her life, and stabilizing her estrogen dominant hormone levels.

After a couple thermograms with little to no change, we talked about other detoxification options, specifically Electro-Lymphatic Therapy (which we will go in detail about in another post soon).

Her experience with cleaning up her diet, detoxifying her body using Electro-Lymphatic Therapy and a colon cleanse, adding digestive enzymes and using essential oils has been an extremely positive experience! She describes it as “the missing link leading me over the bridge towards my health goals.”

So, taking a proactive approach with your health is not only empowering, but life changing – at any age. And, the reality is that structural imaging (mammography, MRI, ultrasound) provides information once a lump is found. Your body can give you signs of risk and thermography is provides the earliest warning. Find out what your body may be trying to tell you. Stay on top of your health and check it regularly, no matter your age!