Recently, I dislocated my shoulder and was in a tremendous amount of pain. Later that day I ended up falling and fracturing the top of my foot - also causing me a lot of pain. With an active 4 year old and running not one, but two, of my own businesses, "staying off my feet" was not an option. The doctor confirmed my injuries and provided narcotic pain killers for me to take for pain. I am extremely resistant to any kind of medications, prefering natural or homeopathic remedies when at all possible.  But after two nights of not sleeping and being in an incredible amount of pain, I caved and began taking the narcotics. Not only did it wipe me out but I woke up in a fog and could not be a present mother or business woman at all. The second day of taking the pain pills I sent an email confirming an appointment for later that day and received a response that the meeting had been cancelled. I became extremely frustrated and returned to my office feeling extremely grumpy. I put my foot up on the desk and noticed that my circulation was not great and thought about the vascular supplements as well as the heart supplements to take when I was not having great circulation. I went to make some tea to take to try to warm up and saw my bach flowers. I also saw my orange bottle of resentment (pain pills) sitting there and realized maybe I was grumpy because I had not taken a pill in 6 hours (even though I could take every 4) and was definitely feeling the pain. I then made a choice. Yes I was in pain but my body also needed some help generating the blood flow to begin healing, and deliver appropriate nutrients to my bones and shoulder to repair the damage. My mind was also frustrated by not being super woman. Having clients, and my daughter, who had needs that I felt like I was not able to address made me think again about my bach flowers. I made a choice, in that moment I took all the supplements that we had talked about at Core Health, stirred in my bach flowers, ate a piece of salmon with veggies and my digestive enzyme and took SLP product in order to take a nap with my beautiful daughter.  I woke up smiling, alert, and rejuvenated with significantly less pain. It was less about being out of pain and more about being more in life. Your services helped create an environment where I could be more in life to appropriately handle what my body and mind were experiencing without having to resort to just treating the pain. You treated the life. I thank you for that.

Bunny Y,