My husband had to leave for military training for 9 months and my 4 year old daughter was having some severe separation anxiety and behavioral issues due to his absence. I was also feeling overwhelmed and less than patient as we were both losing sleep and having difficulty finding balance in our lives. I try to be very natural in my approach to solutions for our health and lifestyle but I had not heard of Bach flowers before. One of the greatest things about Core Health and Cindy especially's approach to working with clients is that there is a genuine WHOLEistic approach to achieving optimal health. This meant that Cindy asked me at a normal ELT session for an update and I shared with her that I was not sleeping well, my daughter was anxious, and that I wish I could find a solution. Core Health was able to provide the solution and restore the balance for our entire family and keep this Army wife sane and functional until he came home! Best of all, Back Flowers are completely safe and the entire process was so quick that we had bottles made up for her and I within 15 minutes. I would highly recommend Core Health Thermography and Wellness as a part of your overall wellness team. I know my family is thankful for their services and they are a valuable part of my wellness team.